Written by Jan Moyer
The Landscape Lighting Book, John Wiley and Sons, 3rd Edition, 2013.  Available here
She Paints With Light , Volumes 1 & 2, 2010.  Volume 2 available here


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Written by Jan Moyer
Landscape Architect, LEDs One Year Later, April 2012.
Garden Design, Let There Be Night, July/August 2011.
Architectural Lighting Magazine, One-on-One: An Interview with Lighting Designer Jan Lennox  Moyer, March/April 2011.

Featuring work by Jan Moyer
Outdoor Home Magazine. Painting the Night. July/August 2014
Architectural Lighting Magazine, In Focus: The International Landscape Lighting Institute, November 2013
Albany Times Union, Let There Be Lighting, March 2012. 
Landscape Contractor, LED’s Hit Landscape Lighting, July 2010