Revolutionizing Lighting for Over 30 Years

Jan and Brooke, Luminae LLC has been practicing lighting design since the 1970s and does national and international lighting work, with a specialty in landscape lighting. We provide comprehensive service for all of our projects, large or small. Being thoroughly involved and responsive to all facets of the project and sensitive to your perspectives and needs is the key to our success. We have deliberately kept our design firm small to personally get to know each of our clients and build relationships.



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Artistic & Technical


We believe that the integration of experience, aesthetic design, engineering, and awareness of the expectations of our client assists us in providing a well-conceived product with a predictable result. With these techniques, we work to achieve an appropriate balance between aesthetics, visibility, cost, function, and energy utilization.

We wish for everyone to have great lighting, as we believe it positively affects the quality of our lives.  All lighting is an art form which follows the tenets of composition that melds the creative with the technical.